Flexible design to help support future needs whenever necessary.


Helps eaisly connect members of a community to help support the vulnerable.


Improve health and wellbeing through as a community.

SURVIVE: Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call that shows existing systems and processes can be overwhelmed. Community health and social workers don’t have the capacity to support and care for vulnerable citizens – the UK responded magnificently with volunteers and neighbourhood teams to reach out and help every house in every street. Community Teams is the first digital service designed to fulfil the needs of volunteers and neighbourhood teams and those they care for and to be flexible to help with future needs.

WE cannot WAIT FOR 2nd phase pandemic. Community Teams are required NOW!

ADAPT: Survey

Evidence is required at every step of the development of Community Teams; right from idea generation through to adoption and scaling. Our study will explore the perceived benefits of Community Teams and classify them into social living, health, operational, economic and citizen benefits. The purpose of this is to identify the benefits for all key stakeholders, so reinforcing the innovation’s value proposition.

Potential metrics to be recorded from sample of streets across the UK via hand delivered postage survey:

Rural: Halton

Multicultural hotspot: Luton

Others: To be decided

We are seeking early buy-in from stakeholders

SUCCEED: Wider Adaption

Set timelines for baseline and post implementation data to secure stakeholders to forge a new Community Teams Service available to every Street in the UK.

We are seeking early buy-in from stakeholders: Local Gov. Councils, Secondary Care Food banks, Charities…

PLEASE Help us to study the wellbeing of people.

Helps volunteers and helpers – who to visit

List of household/streets for a helper and volunteer to care for and look after

Share your virus status

See your helpers

Setup help tasks

See useful phone and websites